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 Booker's herd walks in

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Booker's herd walks in Empty
PostSubject: Booker's herd walks in   Booker's herd walks in Icon_minitime2009-03-23, 11:56 pm

Booker: I walk in with every body behind me
Wendy: "booker are you sure this is the best place to come?"
Boo: "wendy wendy wendy. Whereever Booker goes is always a great place"
Booker: I bite him and turn to wendy: "I'm not sure and don't listen to knuckle head over there"
Norman and Scooter: "where are the mares we are ready for some action!"
Cody: "you two will never get mares if you act like horny teenagers all the time"
Norman: "well"
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Booker's herd walks in
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