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 The Wolf Pack Leaves To Hunt

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PostSubject: The Wolf Pack Leaves To Hunt   The Wolf Pack Leaves To Hunt Icon_minitime2009-03-19, 10:34 am

Jake (jk) , Leah (L), Seth( SE), Sam (SA), Quil (Q), Numby (N), Collin( C ), Jared (JD) and Paul (P) stood in human form for a few moments

leah snorted and shook her black plait and ducked behind the bushes and stripped and phased out of the guys sight and then came back into the clearing as the she-wolf of the pack. she stood a mass of creamy grey tall as a small horse she growled then barked at the 8 guys in human form they wouldnt hear her exactly but got the gist.

JK: (human form) "Go leah" i sighed knowing the others wouldnt phase till she had gone
as son as she began loping out of the clearing we shed our clothes leaving them in a pile, phasing in clothes destroyed them and my father was getting sick of having to get new things, as soon as we were loping after her we could her her every though
JK: Easy leah, its not like that i whispered as i loaped faster to catch her
SE: shes just being herself laughing at us like this leahs brother snarled
P: when you start phasing n front of us then well return the favor i laughed loaping along the ridge to the right of the alph and beta
L: YOU WISH pauly i laughed speeding up as i caught the scent of the elks near the river
Quil, numby colin and jared loaped along laughing behind us and Jake barked bringing the pack together mentally
JK: seth & sam loop around and come from the north, Numby & collin you take the left wing come in from the west , Quil and pauly come from the east leah, you and me straight ahead, all go on 5 i said and immediatly the pack split racing to their points with lighting speed. with in 5 minutes each exit was covered
JK: NOW i said and the elk were rushed each wolf taking down its own meal
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The Wolf Pack Leaves To Hunt
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