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 Unloading Casper Van Overis Z

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PostSubject: Unloading Casper Van Overis Z   2009-08-05, 12:20 am

Rose: She drives in with her truck and trailer and parks the trailer right by the barn, she get sout and shits the door behind her.. She walks over to the trailer and opens up the trailer doors. She goes in the trailer and grabs Casper`s lead rope off of the hook in the trailer. She puts the lead rope on his halter and backs him up perfectly straight. As she backs him out he backs out quickly, acting all excited. Finally when she get shim out all the way she walks him straight to the barn and finds his stall number. She finds it and puts him in his new stall right next to Cicero Van Orshof Z`s stall, because Casper and Cicero are best friends. Rose took his Halter off and put the halter on his stall door bar... She walked over to the tack room and went in Casper`s stall again to put his fly mask on, because it`s Summer. Cicero nickered to Casper and Rose right next door because he wanted some attention. Rose finally put his fly mask on and closed Casper`s stall door. She got Cicero`s fly mask and put it on him, and while she was at it she put some fly spray on him too. Because the flies were worse with Cicero then Casper. Rose got out of Cicero`s stall and walked over to her tack room and locked it up, then she walked over to her truck and drove home.

Casper: He stood in his stall happily and started eating.

Cicero: He nickered once more and started eating as well.
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Unloading Casper Van Overis Z
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