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 Two beautiful extremely talented racing fillies

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PostSubject: Two beautiful extremely talented racing fillies   2009-07-29, 2:30 am

Owner: I bring in my two most prized racing fillies and tie them up. I couldn't let these two go to breeders, like i had to with my otheres, they were just in such good racing shape. I put up a sign that says "NEED MONEY, BANK IS FORECLOSING." along with their wins, places and shows and how much they are for sale for. Then i give them each a farewell rub and kiss their foreheads and leave them there.

Ginger Punch (Ginger)
2 and a half year old thoroughbred filly

Rags to Riches (Maggie)
2 and a half year old racing thoroughbred filly

On the left beating richest race horse in the world Curlin at the belmont stakes

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Two beautiful extremely talented racing fillies
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