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PostSubject: Arabians!!!   2009-06-27, 5:48 am

Owner: I bring in my prize arabian 2 year olds and put them all in a round pen. Then i put up a sign that says "free to good home".
Horses: we prance around in the pen, us being newly trained race horses.


The Singleton
2 year old

2 year old

Thee Integrity
2 year old


Bella Donnah (black, different horse than Alia Riyala)
2 year old

Alia Riyala (dark bay, different horse than Bella Donnah)
2 year old

Alia Shaniah
2 year old

Erie Anna
2 year old

Barriy Qasaam
2 year old
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PostSubject: Re: Arabians!!!   2009-06-28, 2:35 am

(this is Kiger with Shally sharing a User name.)(they are all racers and will ONLY go to a racing ranch.)(not trying to make it sound mean.)
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