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 Quarter horse foals for sale!

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Quarter horse foals for sale! Empty
PostSubject: Quarter horse foals for sale!   Quarter horse foals for sale! Icon_minitime2009-06-26, 2:15 am

All are just weaned so about 6 months old

Quarter horse foals for sale! 1413314

Quarter horse foals for sale! Ivy_Trot_5-1

Quarter horse foals for sale! Ruby_Trot_2_w_shar_5-1

Blondie (Stillshedding out)
Quarter horse foals for sale! Babe_filly_34_hind


Quarter horse foals for sale! GrullaColt_rt_5-1

Quarter horse foals for sale! Spirit_Left_5-22

Owner: I lead in all the foals and put them in a pen with food and water. I hang a sign for each foal that has a picture of them, their parents, and their parents winnings, plus that they're free, which is because i have too many foals at home.

D: I walk over and stick my head through the bars of the pen and whinny for my mommy.
I: I walk over to the hay and start to eat some of this food that i am just getting used to.
R: I lay down in the middle of the pen and take a nap.
B: I go lay down next to Ruby and sleep with her.
H and K: We engage in a game of "who is faster" and race each other around the pen as we avoid the fillies.
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Quarter horse foals for sale!
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