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 Umm, can I have...

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Umm, can I have... Empty
PostSubject: Umm, can I have...   Umm, can I have... Icon_minitime2009-06-11, 9:52 pm

Can I have a ranch for Gwen. If so it would be called: Valley View Ranch. If you can make the ranch I would like the description to be:

Valley View Ranch got its name because it sits atop a beautiful hill and overlooks an amazing valley. Situated on 500 acres it specializes in breeding, training, and showing the finest APHA's and AQHA's you have ever seen. There is a barn for the stallions with 15 stalls, a barn for mares and the rare gelding with 20 stalls, and a barn for mares and foals with 15 large foaling stalls. Every stall on the property has a small 30m x 10m paddock attached to it. There are 5 medium out door arenas (100m x 150m) and one large indoor arena (150m x 225m) for all weather riding. in every barn there is one hot water wash rack per 5 horses. The tack rooms are large and spacious and the each barn has a heated/air conditioned office with a minifridge and microwave. There are 50 pastures so each horse has their own (mares and their foals share a pasture). Each pasture is half an acre.

Owned By: Gwendolyn (Gwen) O'Brien.
If you could make me a ranch for her that would be great. Thanks any way you chose!
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Umm, can I have...
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