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 Lone Puppies

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PostSubject: Lone Puppies   2009-06-06, 8:30 pm

Owner:i bring in a box of 5 Labrador puppies and i set them on a table that was just there and empty and i left the pups dragging there mother with me

Zoey:i whine

Maximum:i look around in the big box

Harvey:i bark

Cami:i sit by my sister

Chance:i scratch at the box
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PostSubject: Re: Lone Puppies   2009-06-07, 6:15 am

Desmond: i come looking for a dog for my lady love. i see the box and look inside
"I cant choose" i said and hauled the whole box off the table and sat it in the trolley and they went to the pet store where i bought that much gear for them it wasnt funny
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Lone Puppies
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