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 as the few yrs of highschool finish

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as the few yrs of highschool finish Empty
PostSubject: as the few yrs of highschool finish   as the few yrs of highschool finish Icon_minitime2009-05-28, 12:22 am

A honk at the driveway makes me look up to see Edward pull in i smiled and went to open the door. Charlie had refused to let Edward drive me to our graduation but is allowing him to come in the cruiser with us, in the back seat.
i let him in and wandered to the lounge room while we waited for charlie.
We sat on the lounge and while Edward pretended to watch the game on TV, i let my mind drift back through the last two years.
Being in love with a vampire was...............Different. The things that happen to me are normal except dating a vampire and my best friend being a humongous wear wolf, But it was better then living in the cold damp place of forks as i would have all alone keeping to my self. they were more or less the two most important people in my life, exciting hey. through the last two years together with the rest of the cullens we had defted the vampires that had killed three people in the area, one being my dads friend for near on 30 years. The destruction of James when he tied to kill me to get back at edward putting me in hospital with a broken leg and a severed artery in that same leg and a bite to the hand, i reached down now and felt the sopt on my wrist that would always be colder then the rest of my body. then there was the time alice saw me dive off a cliff and she assumes i was killing myself and rosile telling Edward i was dead and him calling charlies on the day of harrys funeral and Jacob telling him charlie was not at home to take the call he was at a funeral not knowing Edward thought it was MY funeral, he took off to italy to ask for death, we got there just in time to stop him revealing his beautiful torso to the unknowing city in the sunlight. then there was the whole "Lets get married" that would be happining soon after graduation and my "birthing" as a newborn soon after that. A noise behind me brought me back to the present
"Wow dad you look great" i smiled and stood up and edward switched off the TV and rose he beat me to picking up our graduation robes and caps.
"yeh well the suit doesnt quiet fit real well" charlie murmered groaning
"Looks great dad" i smiled and headed for the door

arriving at graduation and getting it out of the way was a relief and the only problem looming was the party alice had decided to throw at the cullens house for all our graduation class.
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as the few yrs of highschool finish
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